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Release of FriendlyData Enterprise

The best way to build a data-driven organization

How can NLP technology change the finance industry?

Check the list of possible NLP application scenarios in the financial services

Quora Q&A session about FriendlyData

Check the highlights from the Quora Q&A session about FriendlyData

Machine Learning vs Rule-Based Systems in NLP

Machine learning algorithms or rule-based systems? Which approach is better for query analysis?

Data Discovery

Data Discovery - find out what stands behind this fashionable term

How to build Natural Language Interface for your Database?

Learn about designing grammar-based parser for an NLP interface

NEW version of FriendlyData

NEW version: crucial improvements and new features added

Data is the new fuel of the digital economy

Learn how data-driven startups will get the digital economy going

Natural Language Processing: New Era of Human-Computer Relations

Learn how NLP will make our lives simpler

Best Natural Language Processing APIs

What are the best Natural Language Processing APIs?

How Can Natural Language Processing Change Business Intelligence?

This is why Natural Language Processing is the future of Business Intelligence

Top 3 Spring Events that took FriendlyData to the next level

Spring 2017 was exciting and eventful for FriendlyData! And we'd like to share with you the Top 3 Events that happened with us, our experience and lessons we have learned throughout.

Natural Language Interfaces

What is Natural Language Processing?

500 Startups invested in FriendlyData!

We are excited to announce that FriendlyData is joining #500 Strong Family!

FriendlyData at Microsoft New York

FriendlyData team has successfully presented the at the Demo Day at Microsoft New York

FriendlyData at TNW NYC

FriendlyData is the finalist of TNW NYC!

Launching Live Demo

FriendlyData demo is now live!

Our Vision

How we came up with the idea of FriendlyData.

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