FriendlyData Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the April launch of FriendlyData Enterprise product - a new version ofFriendlyData that makes it easier for big companies to embrace the new “data culture” to run their organizations based on data-driven decisions.

The new enterprise edition, that offers a Natural Language Interface for databases, is especially designed to support businesses in having instant and secure access to internal data:

  • On-premise deployment provides more control and is suitable for strict security policies - sensitive and high profile data will never leave your private network
  • Extended Support and Service Level Agreements ensure smooth integration of Natural Language Interface with your database, providing your company with an easy and powerful data discovery

FriendlyData Enterprise solution enables all members within an organization, even non-tech staff, to answer important data questions on their own, by just typing them right away in a search bar, without any technical skills such as knowledge of SQL or Data Science expertise.

This has been complemented by a whole new range of features:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization brings data to life, offering a better and faster way to identify patterns, trends and correlation in the data sets - the most intuitive way to uncover actionable insights.
  • User-friendly Search
  • Smart autosuggestions and a spellchecker, both based on machine learning algorithms, make data search more effective. It takes into account the database structure and all the information available in it. In addition, users can mark the suggestions with feedback buttons to improve autosuggestions.
  • Multi-table Search
  • The enhanced support of a multi-table data structure allows users to query multiple tables of an organization and perform analysis, using data from all necessary tables.
  • Multi Language Support
  • With the upgraded text localization support, users can query their database in different languages. This allows more people within an organization to have easy and instant access to enterprise data, which is essential for multinational businesses.
  • Exporting data
  • With FriendlyData you can export your results (reports, diagrams, tables etc) in the CSV/XLS formats.