FriendlyData joins ServiceNow

We’re excited to announce that FriendlyData is joining forces with ServiceNow, the world’s most innovative company, according to Forbes. It’s a big day for FriendlyData as a company, a technology, and as a team!

ServiceNow is a recognized leader in IT service management who makes work better across the enterprise. ServiceNow applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, across IT, customer service, security operations and HR service delivery, creating a better experience for employees and customers while transforming the enterprise. This year, ServiceNow approaches $3 billion in annual revenue and $35B+ in market cap.

ServiceNow believes in the power of technology to create better ways to get work done. The company aims “to make everyday work interactions simple, accessible and natural for everyone.” Our vision for FriendlyData is strongly aligned with ServiceNow’s mission and approach to innovation, and we see ServiceNow as the best partner for FriendlyData to drive the future growth of our technology.

FriendlyData provides natural language search interface to databases, allowing business users interact with data freely and naturally, and not forcing them to know special query languages and enterprise data structure to ask questions and search for insights.

Since the inception, we have been focused on developing an Augmented Intelligence algorithm that provides Natural Language Search Interface to large databases. To date, our team has developed a best-in-class query translation algorithm, and early this year, we’ve launched a search-based analytics platform for the enterprise which at its core is an extension of our technology.

We see that our solution has a significant opportunity to scale within ServiceNow ecosystem. Bringing our natural language query technology to ServiceNow platform will enable search-based data discovery and data analysis for an extensive community of ServiceNow customers.

We would like to say thank you to our investors, advisors, customers and, first of all, to our families and friends for being part of the FriendlyData evolution, we couldn’t have reached this important milestone without you.

The FriendlyData team