Top 3 Spring Events for FriendlyData

Spring 2017 was exciting and eventful for FriendlyData! And we'd like to share with you the Top 3 Events that happened with us, our experience and lessons we have learned throughout:

Product Hunt

Spring has begun for FriendlyData with a successful launch on Product Hunt. After 24 hours of being featured on the Product Hunt's main page, FriendlyData has become the most upvoted product!

How we did it? There are a lot of articles on how to launch successfully on Product Hunt. Here’s what worked for us:

  1. We worked out a thorough plan where every minute was planned out and followed it rigorously.
  2. We created a welcome landing page for users from Product Hunt, and this helped getting our audience even more engaged.
  3. Prepared all content pieces (texts, pictures, answers to questions we anticipated etc).
  4. Got all our network involved with helping us to succeed.
  5. And stayed awake for 24 hours :)

It was a rather exhausting 24-hour marathon without stopping, but absolutely a worthwhile experience! This success wouldn't be possible without your support! So, thanks y’all for the upvotes!

Collision Conference

The second in a row but not in value event was Collision Conference - America's fastest growing tech conference with more than 20,000 attendees from 119 countries. FriendlyData participated in the Collision ALPHA exhibition - a fantastic opportunity for our startup to showcase the products to the public, including top managers of corporations, active investors and tech journalists. Besides, FreindlyData has been shortlisted in PITCH startup fight.

Overall, the conference turned out to be very fruitful for us. Among new promising leads and contacts with potential investors, FriendlyData was especially honored to have been awarded a special prize from Sisense company.

Lessons learned: Strike the iron while it’s hot! At large conferences like Collision it’s important to follow up on the new leads (potential customers, investors and anyone important for your business), while they still remember who you are. Otherwise, you may end up with tons of business cards after the exhibition and miss an important contact or lead.

500 Startups Demo Day

May was a remarkable month for FriendlyData, with its graduation from the 4-month 500 Startups seed program, followed by an unforgettable Demo Day: among other 41 companies hailing from 10 different countries, we have successfully presented our product to a room full of active investors, which resulted in a series of follow-up meetings with them. Here you can watch the video with our PITCH on DemoDay.

4 months with #500Strong Family has been a time of non-stop growth and adventure. Thanks to favorable environment of a 500 Startups program we had a perfect starting point for the dynamic growth of our company:

  1. We found ourselves in a community of like-minded people. It was extremely valuable because we were working with other people going through the same challenges.
  2. We got access to a network of hundreds of founders and mentors - a wide variety of experts focused on marketing, B2B sales, fundraising, product strategy and more. They provided us with guidance when we needed it most and so helped us avoid mistakes.
  3. We had access to a massive network, where just a few handshakes would get you to the right person, be it an investor or a potential customer.
  4. We got so much support at this important stage of our company’s development. We worked together on our product strategy, customer acquisition, sales and go2market strategy, storytelling and much more!

If you are thinking about the foundation of a startup, do not miss the opportunity and apply now to 500 Startups program, right now registration is open!

Spring 2017 was so eventful for FriendlyData! Looking forward to what summer has to bring!