New Version of FriendlyData

Exciting news! A new version of FriendlyData is ready!

We have made several crucial improvements and added new features to our Natural Language Interface for databases. Thanks to this new version, dealing with databases became even more intuitive, easy and powerful!

What's new:

  • Generic Search

Generic search drastically simplifies the requirements for search query formulation and accepts any query structure. For example, it makes it unnecessary to mention in your question all column names of the database that contain the information you need. With Generic Search, querying the database happens intuitively and smoothly. No matter how you formulate your question - with FriendlyData your database will understand you.

  • Autosuggestions Algorithm

New Autosuggestions Algorithm makes the query formulation process faster and easier. It suggests you next word by typing query, taking into account all possible information available in the database and its structure. Increased speed of typing a query saves your time and dealing with database times more efficient.

  • New SQL Generation Module

With the new SQL Generation Module, FriendlyData earned more flexibility. It became easier to add different SQL dialects and new functionality (for example, new SQL features). Or even generate custom DSLs queries.

  • Multiple Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

We have made scrupulous bug fixing in the parser and parsing processing modules. After code refactoring, parsing performance has rapidly increased.

FriendlyData is a pioneering cloud-based NLP solution for databases, that turns human language into requests to database and returns needed data in a suitable format. So now you can make your data accessible even for non-technical people!