Our Vision

The idea of FriendlyData is the natural outgrowth of the team experience and expertise in building successful SaaS products. But “aha moment” came when I suddenly decided to visit a very close person. We were at opposite ends of Europe and it was a bit painful to combine flights and trains, because time was running out. And I imagined that would be great to ask tickets database questions like “What is the fastest train from Oslo to Stavanger after 8am on Friday”.

But let’s return to the world of numbers. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) market size is estimated to grow from USD 7.6 Billion in 2016 to USD 16.1 Billion by 2021. The market is a very profitable for NLP software providers. Companies from the different verticals are adopting NLP solutions for bridging the communication gap between humans and machines. For the same reason we built FriendlyData - to bridge the gap between users and data.

FriendlyData lets you speak to databases in a human language. It makes work with the data as simple as messaging with the friend. Our technology based on unique proprietary algorithm that turns natural language into SQL. This makes our product hard for others to reproduce.

Right now we provide custom integrations of FriendlyData API to our clients. We implement API-based solution, because for our customers it’s important to have a much greater level of control over how functionality is delivered to the user. With API-based services companies have an opportunity to launch their products faster and add advanced functionality without in-house expertise (e.g. NLP). Our next step - API-based SaaS that will be available by subscription.

Bridging the communication gap between humans and machines is very important challenge. But more valuable that technology can bring people together and save time for important things in life. This is our mission.