Turn your organization into data driven one

With Natural Language Interface for Databases

  • Get insights from data instantly.
  • Access reliable data - without the need for SQL
  • Boost your staff´s productivity with simple to use natural language interface
  • Bridge communication gap between your users and data

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Why FriendlyData?

"This is a NLIDB commercial tool that looked like a good fit for our project. It seemed more flexible in regards to the natural query syntax than any of the other tools we investigated."

Jonas Baggett, Web Essenttials

  • Accuracy. FriendlyData Parser is 2 times more accurate than open source alternatives
  • Simple onboarding. FriendlyData doesn't require training on the massive datasets
  • Fast integration. The integration is ~100 times faster than building an in-house solution based on NLP libraries
  • Safety and data privacy FriendlyData doesn't require indexing of data and moving it into external storage
  • Flexibility FriendlyData easily customizable for any structured data source, FriendlyData allows to introduce new synonyms and rules and works with both: natural language and Google like search queries