We built FriendlyData to bridge communication gap between users and data. FriendlyData lets you speak to databases in natural language - it's simple as messaging with the friend. You just need to ask a question. FriendlyData API turns natural language into a SQL request and returns data in suitable format (for example, JSON).

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Natural Language Search

Search bar integration provides Google-like search experience when you work with structured data. You can explore data by typing commands in natural language instead of filtering, browsing categories and adjusting search settings.

Conversational Interface

Interactive chat provides human-like interaction with the data

Voice Search

Access the data with simple to use voice-enabled user interface.

Communication with databases requires specific skills and takes too much time.
We want to help you increase conversion, productivity and satisfaction of your users.

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Stay on the Cutting Edge

FriendlyData translates the human language into SQL query to database and returns data in JSON format. We work with relational databases such as: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Redshift, MSSQL DB2, Oracle, Cloud SQL and SQLite.