An easy to use Natural Language Search Interface for databases that allows you to ask questions about organization’s data in plain English and returns result in a suitable format back to you (charts, tables or direct answer).

What makes FETCH Different?

Natural Language Search

Access reliable data instantly and without the need for SQL by using intuitive and powerful Natural Language Search Interface for databases.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization brings data to life, offering a better and faster way to identify patterns, trends and correlation in the data sets - the most intuitive way to uncover actionable insights.

Smart Suggestions

AI-powered autocomplete that understands your search history.

Natural Language Question Answering

Find hidden insights by asking questions about data using plain English

Spelling Correction

FriendlyData helps users to find the needed information even with the misspelled queries.

English to SQL. Natural Language Query

Fetch turns natural language to SQL and enables non-technical team members to access data quickly and easily, using their own language, without the need for expensive developers or database professionals.

Enterprise Ready