The Product

FriendlyData is the API-based solution that help businesses make data accessible for non-technical people by providing a natural language interface for databases. FriendlyData API turns English plain text message into a SQL request and returns data in suitable format (for example, JSON). You don't need to index your data or move it to an external storage. FriendlyData can connect to any application with a relational database and you have the full control over how functionality is delivered to the end user.

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Natural Language Search

Search bar integration provides Google-like search experience when you work with structured data. You can explore data by typing commands in natural language instead of filtering, browsing categories and adjusting search settings.

Conversational Interface

Interactive chat provides human-like interaction with data. It ́s as simple as sending a text to your friend.

Voice Search

Access data with simple to use voice-enabled user interface. Stay connected to your data no matter where you are.

Data is the heart of decision making process in any business. At the same time there are no convenient interfaces for business people, work with data requires skills and takes too much time. We want to help make data accessible for non-technical people. With FriendlyData you can access data in a reliable way with no need for SQL skills.

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Stay on the Cutting Edge

FriendlyData translates natural language into structured data object and returns data in JSON format or generated SQL statement. We currently support relational databases such as: Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Oracle and SQLite.
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