FriendlyData is the premier platform for accessing, analyzing and understanding data that is meaningful to people of any technical ability.


Large and fast-growing organizations use FriendlyData’s Natural Language Search Interface in every business function to save money on operational costs, find hidden insights, save time and make business decisions faster.

Financial Services

Analyze large amounts of data, from stock prices, to loan rates. Monitor risk, investment and customer behavior. Whether you’re in trading, retail banking, insurance, or wealth management, FriendlyData is here to provide you with instant answers!

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Make informed decisions by having actionable real-time data on your company’s policies, policyholders, risk assessments and claims histories. Streamline your company’s reporting by providing all employees with instant access to structured data.

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Take your business to the next level by gaining actionable insights into behavioral analytics such as user play time, interactions between players, quitting point, user social profile data, and much more! Make the most of instant market analytics to stay ahead of your competition.

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Get real-time analytics of your business operations: sales forecasts, distributor sales, inventory levels, supply chain and other actionable data! Provide your employees with unrestricted and immediate access to the data that matters most in their day-to-day work.

Natural Language Query API

Launch products faster and add advanced functionality without in-house NLP and data science expertise by using FriendlyData Embedded Analytics. FriendlyData allows you to integrate natural language interfaces to databases directly with your applications.

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Provide your company’s decision makers with the data they need to drive the business forward.



Business Operations


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